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Welcome to edfears

This is a community for people with eating disorders of ALL kinds.

Comment to be added.
You must be AT LEAST 16 years of age.
If your age is NOT displayed in your user info, you WILL NOT be accepted.

I am open to suggestions.


1) NO spam
2) NO trolls
3) NO hurtful, rude, comments to other users.
4) I do not mind swearing, as long as they are not directed towards other users.
5) NO tips
6) you MUST fill out an intro in order to be accepted.
7) no "oMg I luvs ANA and MIA cuz I'm kewl leik that" type talk!


Name (what can we call you?):
Age (month, day AND year);
Where are you from?:
What kind of eating disorder you have;
Favorite book:
How did your eating disorder come about?:
Are you self diagnosed?;
picture; (optional)
anything else you would like your family here to know.

YES, we are a family, therefore I expect everyone here to treat each other as such.
That means, no name calling, no threats, no bullying.
Moderate swearing IS allowed, but if it gets carried away, I have the right to warn you. After 2 warnings, you are BANNED.

If someone is threatening or harassing you, I need to see the entire thread to make a judgement call.

if you are to post pictures, they MUST be under a cut, and labelled properly (ie; nsfw)

if you have any other questions, concerns, or not sure if a post is allowed, you can contact me. (iwant_skinny)

Other than that, ENJOY and welcome to the family! <3
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